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Annual, vegetable, and herb plugs, annual liners, zonal geraniums, garden mums, poinsettia cuttings, and more!

Berbee Young Plants is able to place at once orders at Raker-Roberta’s. We can immediately secure trays for you from their current availability.

Volume discounts and Early Order Discounts (10% off list price when order is placed 12 weeks in advance of ship date).

Minimum Order Policy
Raker has changed their minimum order policy for the 2018 season from 1 tray to 4 trays. A $25 Under Minimum fee will be charged on any order submitted for the 2018 season under four trays. Here are a few details to note:
  • This policy is effective for any order shipping January 1st, 2018 or after. Raker will honor their 1 tray minimum on all orders shipping through December 31, 2017.
  • They will also honor their 1 tray minimum on any order for 2018 submitted through 9/17/17. The new minimum policy will be applicable to 2018 orders submitted on or after Monday, 9/18/17.
  • Reminder, Raker considers strip trays as one tray so an order of 4-51ís strips or 4-36 strips or a combination of the two will meet the minimum, which is still well below the industry’s standard.
  • If an order meets the 4 tray minimum and Raker has to cancel a tray due to an issue on their end causing the order to fall below minimum, they will not charge the under minimum fee.
All pricing is Delivered Pricing with no hidden fees or add ons. Tags are available for 99.9% of the plants they grow. Tags are bundled in 25's, less inventory for you.

All Raker programs come with a color catalog to help you make your selections more easily. Call or mail us for catalogs, and for the exclusive Leo Berbee Bulb Co. Raker price list.

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