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AG3, Inc.
AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in perennials, tropical foliage and carnivorous plants. Their tissue culture facility offers continuous availability on hard to find and new plant varieties. They offer diverse selections and provide a research and development program to ensure you only receive top quality plant materials.


Casa Flora
Information sheets from Casa Flora:

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Programs and pricing:

Classic Groundcovers
Growers of both bareroot and liner perennial groundcovers. Excellent quality, fast service and great prices. Call Dave @ BYPD for catalog and lists.


Donahue's Clematis
For Spikes, Sprengeri and Vinca see 2.5" list.


De Goede Farms
Located in Washington state, De Goede is able to utilized their optimum soil and weather conditions to produce quality perennial starts, available bareroot and in 2.5" pots. Low minimums. Call Dave @ BYPD for deep 32 pot prices.


Emerald Coast Growers
Published volume discounts - per order/quote
25+ trays -- 6%
50+ trays -- 8%
100+ trays -- 10%
150+ trays -- 12%
200+ trays -- 14%

Packing charges $2.25 per tray.
All orders shipping to Canada require an additional fee of $50 for Phytosanitary documents. UPS or FedEx shipping is added to invoice. Picture tags 0.14 each (counted to match order)

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Programs and pricing:

Hillcrest Nursery
Herb liners (organic)
Get current availability direct from the grower:

Leo Berbee Bulb Company, Inc.
Current availability at www.berbeeus.com.
The Leo Berbee Bulb Company is the wholesale division of the Berbee companies of Marysville, Ohio. Berbee Bulb offers the finest bulbs and perennials and their staff is dedicated to do everything to assure you receive quality product, on-time shipments and superior customer service.


Pioneer Gardens, Inc.
Massachusetts grower of high quality perennial plugs and bare root starter plants. 3 tray minimum per variety for plugs, 100 plants per variety bare root. Ship charges added to the invoice.


Berbee Young Plants is able to place at once orders at Raker-Roberta’s. We can immediately secure trays for you from their current availability.

Volume discounts and Early Order Discounts (10% off list price when order is placed 12 weeks in advance of ship date).

Minimum Order Policy
Raker has changed their minimum order policy for the 2018 season from 1 tray to 4 trays. A $25 Under Minimum fee will be charged on any order submitted for the 2018 season under four trays. Here are a few details to note:
  • This policy is effective for any order shipping January 1st, 2018 or after. Raker will honor their 1 tray minimum on all orders shipping through December 31, 2017.
  • They will also honor their 1 tray minimum on any order for 2018 submitted through 9/17/17. The new minimum policy will be applicable to 2018 orders submitted on or after Monday, 9/18/17.
  • Reminder, Raker considers strip trays as one tray so an order of 4-51ís strips or 4-36 strips or a combination of the two will meet the minimum, which is still well below the industry’s standard.
  • If an order meets the 4 tray minimum and Raker has to cancel a tray due to an issue on their end causing the order to fall below minimum, they will not charge the under minimum fee.
All pricing is Delivered Pricing with no hidden fees or add ons. Tags are available for 99.9% of the plants they grow. Tags are bundled in 25's, less inventory for you.

All Raker programs come with a color catalog to help you make your selections more easily. Call or mail us for catalogs, and for the exclusive Leo Berbee Bulb Co. Raker price list.

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Programs and pricing:

Sawyer Nursery
Fist-sized 21 cell perennial liners. Quick turn, low quantity per variety. It’s great for a grower who wants to be able to offer several varieties of perennials without the high count per each. Call Dave @ BYPD for perennial lists.

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Programs and pricing:

Spring Valley Greenhouse

Stonehouse Nursery
Perennials & grasses
Get information direct from the grower:

Swift Greenhouses
50 cell perennial, grass and herb plugs. Over 1000 varieties grown in 50 cell as well as smaller 288 perennial plug. Early shipping and volume discounts can apply to all orders. Large picture tag also available upon request. Call Dave @ BYPD for catalog and lists.

Get current availability direct from the grower:
Programs and pricing:

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